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Gliteratti from the City of Brotherly Love: Layne Designs

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The burgeoning Philadelphia craft scene is home to Layne Freedline of Layne Designs. Freedline’s  heirloom jewelry is made with traditional bench techniques and trendy lapidary cut stones like  druzy and cabochons. This black druzy piece is my favorite.  It is gorgeous!

Layne Designs - Heirloom JewelryFreedline is an accomplished jeweler who can boast an impressive resume of education and experience in the trade. She also teaches workshops on jewelry fabrication when she is not working in her own studio.

Designer Silver Jewelry - Layne DesignsMost Layne Designs custom pieces range in price from $165 to $450 with more elaborate designs fetching up to $700 each. Layne Designs also offers a lower priced production line of $32 inspirational pendants through an Etsy jewelry shop.

Turquoise Jewelry by Layne DesignsFreedline was a 2010 finalist for The Halstead Grant, an annual award competition for new jewelry design entrepreneurs. The 2011 Halstead Grant deadline is June 6, 2011.



The Halstead Grant 2011 Application Now Available

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Are you starting a jewelry business? Do you have what it takes to be one of the next big names in jewelry design? We are excited to launch the application for the next Halstead Grant for new jew

elry designers in the bridge segment. The  deadline is June 6, 2011. Download the application now and start thinking about your business plan and jewelry submissions. This is an amazing opportunity for a $6,000 grant award plus publicity and recognition in the industry. This will be our 6th annual competition. Visit The Halstead Grant website for details on the award as well as past winners & finalists. Please spread the word!


Joana Miranda Studio: Talent to Spare

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Joana Miranda brings a fascinating background to the bench as a jewelry artist. Born in Portugal, Miranda was a professional violinist and violist before turning her attention to jewelry. She is also an accomplished writer through her popular blog on the life of a new jewelry designer.

Floating Pearl - Joana Miranda Studio Designer JewelryJoana Miranda Studio pieces feature classic metalsmithing motifs with contemporary twists such as the frequent use of rubber accents.  Miranda is a prolific artist with many talents.  Her blog and website are full of sketches and inspirational ides alongside finished pieces.

Garnet Swirl - Joana Miranda Studio Fine JewelryShe has won numerous awards for her work including multiple honors from both the Gemological Institute of America and the Women’s Jewelry Association. She was a 2010 finalist in The Halstead Grant, an annual competition for new jewelry design entrepreneurs.

On the Pond Pendant - Joana Miranda StudioJoana Miranda Studio collections are available for sale online at http://www.JoanaMirandaStudio.com. Retail prices range from $35 to $250 for most of her Argentium sterling silver pendants and earrings. She also does a great deal of custom work such as the piece shown above.

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Sticky Sweet and Sparkling Tiffany Kunz Design

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Diamonds used to be called ice. Thanks to emerging artists like Tiffany Kunz Design they may be picking up a new moniker.

The clusters of glowing, earth-tone, rough diamonds that Kunz uses as her signature in the new Concord Collection are more like dripping golden honey. She even offers a suite within the collection entitled “In Clover.”

Rough Diamond Jewelry - Tiffany Kunz DesignThe In Clover Suite embodies the best of Kunz’s designer jewelry: hand hammered eco-friendly metals, crystalline bunches of glittering diamonds and open organic forms. The Concord Collection website is reminiscent of a buzzing hive full of honeycomb. And the buzz, buzz, buzzing has already begun. Tiffany Kunz Design is attracting a wave of attention from blogs and magazines.

Wend Necklace - Eco-Friendly Jewelry Tiffany Kunz DesignTiffany Kunz Design is available at several high end boutiques in the Los Angeles area as well as online at http://www.TiffanyKunzDesign.com. Most pieces are available in sterling silver or vermeil of yellow, pink or white gold. Retail prices range from $60 – $625. Santa baby, bring me some honey this year.

Tiffany Kunz Designer JewelryTiffany Kunz Design was a finalist in our 2010 Halstead Grant competition for emerging jewelry designers.

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Cowboy’s Sweetheart Jewelry Wins National Award & Business Grant

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Cowboy's Sweetheart Jewelry

Western Jewelry for the American Cowgirl

Western jewelry designer Amy Fortunato of Cowboy’s Sweetheart rounded up top honors in the 2010 Jewelry Design Business Development Grant competition. Her prize package includes $6,000 in cash and jewelry supplies. The annual award is sponsored by jewelry supply wholesaler Halstead Bead, Inc.

The grant is awarded to a new jeweler in the bridge or handmade jewelry segment each year in recognition of design skill and business acumen. Candidates must submit lengthy applications including portfolios of original jewelry and details of their business plans.

“Amy’s work beautifully blends western inspired silversmithing with contemporary design elements. Her line is both fashionable and affordable,” said one competition judge, Hilary Halstead Scott, “her witty branding and accessible price points are perfect for an accessory start-up in the current economy.”

Fortunato received her jewelry training as part of a Fine Arts degree from the University of Connecticut. Her career has included graphic design and jewelry production for other companies prior to launching Cowboy’s Sweetheart. Fortunato describes the genesis of her company as her answer to the call “Go West, young lady, go West!” After moving to Colorado she began her love affair with the region’s natural surroundings, history and people.

“I attempt to celebrate a little bit of the American West each time I turn out a new piece.” she stated. “I am thrilled to receive this recognition and the opportunity to grow my business.”

Cowboy’s Sweetheart joins a distinguished list of past Grant winners in the industry. Her jewelry collections are available online at www.Cowboys-Sweetheart.com. A complete list of past grant recipients and finalists as well as competition details are on the Jewelry Design Business Development Grant website at www.HalsteadBead.com/grant.


Cowboy’s Sweetheart Jewelry Wins National Award & Business Grant.

Julia Failey Eco-Friendly Jewelry

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What betterEco-Friendly Jewelry by Julia Failey way to celebrate Earth Day than with an emerging designer profile? Julia Failey is a hot new jewelry talent who is making a name for herself through great PR and her line of sustainable jewelry. All of Failey’s designs are meticulously handcrafted using reclaimed precious metals and Earth-friendly manufacturing techniques. Moreover, her designs are inspired by the natural beauty of the plant and animal kingdom.

Sustainable Jewelry by Julia Failey

The Julia Failey collection includes a broad range of focal silhouettes that have often been imitated by other designers in the trade. Her trademark lotus, rose and wing designs are unmistakable and have been favorites of the celebrity set and many fashion publications. The dragonfly wings shown here are one of my personal favorites.

Julia Failey Designer JewelryYou can find Julia Failey’s work on her retail website of eco-friendly jewelry at http://www.JuliaFailey.com. Or, shop at many fine boutiques in the Chicago area where she is located. To celebrate Earth Day, you can save 30% off all jewelry on the Julia Failey website through today, April 22nd. Use the Promo code Earth30 and wear your environmentally conscious jewelry with pride!

Julia Failey was a 2008 finalist in the Jewelry Design Business Development Grant competition sponsored by jewelry supply wholesaler Halstead Bead, Inc.


EC Design Studio – An Impressive New Jewelry Talent

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EC Design Studio is an emerging jewelry  studio to watch.  Emily Johnson’s brilliant collections  will surely be available in fine galleries all over the country before long. Her work mainly consists of sterling silver with solid gold and diamond embellishments. Johnson, a Minneapolis native, is a credit to the burgeoning craft culture in Minnesota. EC Design Studio

My favorite collection is Cells and Windows, which combines raw hammered metalwork with intriguing geometric accents. The collection is aptly named. The creations in Cells and Windows demonstrate the studio’s tag line, “jewelry metalwork sculpture.” The pieces are composed like sculptural art with clean lines, great contrast and utter simplicity. EC1

Johnson’s second primary collection is Hearts and Wishbones. The collection is centered around an anatomical heart focal piece that is truly provocative. The silhouette is instantly recognizable with a mechanical appearance that adds to the interpretive depth of the design. EC3

At a very young age, Johnson has already established a signature style that is evident across her broad selection. Her work can currently be purchased through her website and at craft galleries throughout Minnesota.

EC Design Studio was recently named as a finalist in the 2009 Jewelry Design Business Development Grant competition sponsored by Halstead Bead, Inc.

Keren Jewelry

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Keren Jewelry 3

Sekhmet Cuff

What do aspiring jewelry designers daydream about? I can venture a few guesses…

  • A) See your jewelry rock the runways at New York Fashion Week for a major designer
  • B) Go bi-coastal and rock the runways at LA Fashion Week too
  • C) See your jewelry on a rock star performing on Good Morning America
  • D) All of the above

Keren Peled of Keren Jewelry must be pinching herself because these daydreams have become reality in the last few years. Plus, she has received great fashion press coverage and achieved international product distribution.  Wow!Keren Jewelry 2

Keren Jewelry’s trademark style is a blend of macrame knotting and intricate mesh wirework. She creates delicate and ethereal pieces of gold filled, sterling silver and gemstones. Her collections are inspired by anthropological periods in the history of jewelry.

My personal favorites are Keren’s cuff bracelets which brilliantly merge hammered frames with  crocheted wire mesh. They are the perfect accessories for the latest bold cuff trends. Watch the runways, I think there is a lot more Keren Jewelry to come.

Keren Jewelry was a finalist in the 2006 Jewelry Design Business Development  Grant Competition sponsored by Halstead Bead Inc.

Joy O and Studio 3579

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Joy O Designs has taken the accessories world by storm. The work of Joy Opfer is everywhere! Celebrities, stylists and fashion magazines have clamored to feature the smooth, simple aesthetic of Joy O jewelry pieces. Opfer has one of the most impressive press lists I have seen for a young designer.

My favorite design is the Lucky Necklace, but it is hard to choose. The Joy O collection epitomizes sophistication and modernity. The long lines, smooth arcs and hammered accents evoke architectural influence and California chic. Each piece is also fairly large and yet very lightweight thus making the jewelry quite wearable for long work days.

Joy O collections are sold on the company’s website and at Opfer’s flagship store in San Francisco, Studio 3579, located in the Mission Dolores district. Joy O has become a fashion fixture in the Bay Area since launching her designer jewelry business in 2005.  The company was also a finalist in the 2006 Jewelry Design Business Development Grant  competition sponsored by Halstead Bead Inc. We sure can pick ’em, if I say so myself!:)

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry

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Ananda Khalsa Jewelry Spring Rings

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry Spring Rings

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry incorporates hand painted watercolors by Ananda Khalsa into sterling silver and high karat gold metalwork. These designs are rich with symbolism which helps buyers to intimately connect with the jewelry they choose.

Ananda Khalsa Gold Bluebird Necklace

Ananda Khalsa Gold Bluebird Necklace

I have a plum blossom necklace that is absolutely stunning. People notice it right away and are amazed at the detail and clarity in the artwork. Each painting is very small – most are about one square inch. But, they leap out at you because of the bright colors and beautiful composition.

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry won the first Jewelry Design Business Development Grant awarded by Halstead Bead Inc in 2006. Since winning the award, Ananda’s business has expanded dramatically. Her work is now sold in nearly 100 galleries and boutiques across the country. She is also regularly featured in magazines and promotions for fine American Craft events. Khalsa regularly shows with The Rosen Group, Paradise City, Boston Craft and ACC.

Khalsa is in the process of moving away from Providence, RI to resettle in Massachusetts this summer.  We wish her much luck with the move and setting up a new studio.

Her jewelry is always on my wishlist and is now on the wishlists of all my girlfriends too.  Note to husbands and boyfriends: These are definitely winning gifts!

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry Raven Cuff

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry Raven Cuff