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In honor of New York Fashion week we are pleased to feature Keren Peled of Keren Jewelry as our guest blogger for this Fashion Trend report from the jeweler’s perspective.

As a fashion designer, first and foremost, I stay updated with fashion trends through online research, trade magazines (such as Accessories and JQ), fashion week runways and information I get from my reps. I wanted to share some of my findings and insights with you in hopes that this information will support us all in our work in 2010.

A beautiful mess

Interestingly, the issue of copying and design stealing seems to be one if the leading considerations when deciding on the complexity of the design in today’s fashion climate. A peak into the runways of fashion weeks around the world reveals a huge mix of styles, materials, techniques, textures and colors. The obvious reason is that the more complex the design and it’s components the harder it is to copy. It makes perfect sense – If we are able to get materials from various sources, use different techniques, go crazy with our textures, and combine it all with our own signature style, the result will be a piece that is impossible to copy. What we get is a melange of styles that has implications that spill into the following sub- trends as well:


As a direct result of the mix of styles we see pieces that are layered and loaded with different elements. In clothing we see it in the mix of fabrics and patterns, also in softness. The styles mix with the actual materials. We see a sheer top layer covering something that is completely different underneath. Flowing with smooth patterns with unified color.  My newest collection, Melange, (that I haven’t finished yet) takes this into account. I mix my original parts with different chains, beads and even leather.

The layers create a sense of dripping material that is soft and flowing, think waves and ruffles as in the picture from the Valentino collection.

Masculine and feminine contrast

Another cool trend that is noticeable is the mixing of feminine and masculine styles in clothing.  For example: a very soft flowing ruffly dress covered with a masculine blazer or jacket. This combination is the ultimate sign of the times – start looking for it and you’ll see it all around. For us jewelry designers I believe it would mean, mixing different looks – the soft with the harsh, goth with ruffles, clean and messy, elegant and … click red button below to continue reading sporty, precious and non precious stones and metals all in the same piece. Please see the image from Ralph Lauren’s runway show at NY fashion week – a pink, ruffled, soft flowing dress with a stark masculine jacket… perfect example.


Lace comes in this year like we have never seen it before. Nothing traditional, grandma style lace. Again, mixing different patterns of lace creates this wild, non-uniform, organic, flowing and very modern versions of lace. Check out what this metal artist, Metalaceart is doing with lacy patterns – this is exactly what I’m talking about -Fantastic!!

Look at this Dolce & Gabbana piece from Milan Fashion week – perfect example of mixing different textures, colors and fabrics with wild lace patterns, no grandma lace here! This also demonstrates the “inspired by lingerie” look of the next paragraph.

Lingerie on top

Another interesting trend we see in fashion is to try to make the outer wear a lot like the inner wear. The textures, fabric, outlines and closures of the clothing are getting inspired by lingerie. I am not sure what we as jewelry designers can do with this particular trend, but I know that some of you creative souls out there can find some inspiration from it. To me, it ties in with the lace trend, I brought it here because it’s going on in fashion and we need to be aware of it.


Colors for this summer include the whites, beige/neutral, pastel pinks as we see in pearls and other stones. This creates a contrast with the reds and oranges of Coral, the blues such as blue Turquoise and Lapis, purples such as fucsia and violet. As the ultimate contrast, black and white are always in.

Organic & Floral

We see a romantic trend of adding flowers and floral designs to pieces. The flowers don’t have to be the center, they are more there as an accent or an extra detail. Seems like it softens up the look – at times you can’t even tell it’s a flower unless you look closely. Chanel did a beautiful series of flower themed pieces at Paris, They even added it to the shoes see image below.


This trend doesn’t have much to do with anything else but it’s there as well – country style denim, ruffled skirts and Texas style boots. What can you create that can look good on a cowgirl?


Large, prominent, round and stacked cuffs. We see a lot of color, unusual materials, cuffs that look like they are transparent with textures embedded in them. One more peak into the Chanel  collection in Paris reveals transparent cuffs with black floral detail.

Bottom line

Jewelry trends today are on the bold, make a statement side, but remain wearable and not completely crazy. Words of the day in jewelry design: bold, colorful, layered, dripping and wavy.

One last note

A single piece of jewelry cannot  possibly accomplish all these trends at once. In fact, it shouldn’t even attempt it. Pick one or two favorite trends for inspiration, one that you have some ideas about and stick to those. If a trend fits to your existing signature style – all the better.

What I find striking and interesting about today’s fashion trends is that the inspiration is both artistic as well as functional, almost logistically driven. It’s strange and funny to think about logistic considerations for artistic inspiration, but I believe that as designers we must. In my opinion that is the number one difference between a designer and an artist – a designer must take into consideration current market climate and trends, whereas an artist not as much.

Considerations such as weight of parts, size, number of elements per piece and the complexity of the design, all ultimately effect it’s price as well as how easy it is to copy it. As designers we are constantly challenged by this paradox. How do we create a piece that is complex enough to be unique and difficult to copy, and yet attractively priced? That is the million dollar question. Hopefully this trends discussion will help you come up with ideas to do just that.

May 2010 bring us all growth, prosperity and most importantly health and peace of mind.

Guest blogger Keren Peled is an award winning jewelry designer who’s work has received tremendous exposure in the media. Her collections have been featured on the runways of NY and LA fashion weeks. She is now offering individual consulting sessions to jewelry designers on many topics including wholesale selling, working with reps, production issues, PR and much more. For info, please contact keren@kerenjewelry.com. The website http://www.coutorture.com was used extensively for research in writing this article as well as a photo source.



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