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EC Design Studio – An Impressive New Jewelry Talent

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EC Design Studio is an emerging jewelry  studio to watch.  Emily Johnson’s brilliant collections  will surely be available in fine galleries all over the country before long. Her work mainly consists of sterling silver with solid gold and diamond embellishments. Johnson, a Minneapolis native, is a credit to the burgeoning craft culture in Minnesota. EC Design Studio

My favorite collection is Cells and Windows, which combines raw hammered metalwork with intriguing geometric accents. The collection is aptly named. The creations in Cells and Windows demonstrate the studio’s tag line, “jewelry metalwork sculpture.” The pieces are composed like sculptural art with clean lines, great contrast and utter simplicity. EC1

Johnson’s second primary collection is Hearts and Wishbones. The collection is centered around an anatomical heart focal piece that is truly provocative. The silhouette is instantly recognizable with a mechanical appearance that adds to the interpretive depth of the design. EC3

At a very young age, Johnson has already established a signature style that is evident across her broad selection. Her work can currently be purchased through her website and at craft galleries throughout Minnesota.

EC Design Studio was recently named as a finalist in the 2009 Jewelry Design Business Development Grant competition sponsored by Halstead Bead, Inc.


Targeting Customers: The Key to Marketing Your Jewelry Business

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Know your audience. This simple principle is the basis of all marketing. Without targeted customers in mind, developing a marketing plan can seem very daunting. And without a marketing plan your efforts can become scattered and counterproductive to your image. Targeted customer groups will direct your energy into strategic, focused and successful marketing. This article will guide you through target customer identification and how to use your analysis as a tool for marketing campaigns.

So, who are your target customers? If you say, “women, aged 20-60 with middle to upper income levels,” then you have only scratched the surface of your customer analysis.

The biggest weakness we often see in our Jewelry Design Business Development Grant competition entries is the lack of targeted customer definitions. The above statement is not targeting. It describes an enormous population in this country with very little in common with each other. Moreover, targeting is more than just basic demographics like age and income. Jewelry is an emotional purchase. Targeting needs to include tastes, interests and self-image or “psychographics.” To be a successful marketer of your products, you must define your primary customer base in much greater detail.

It is true that your jewelry may appeal to a wide range of women. However, you should see that your designs sell best to a core group that has a great deal in common with one another. These commonalities will extend beyond just preferences in jewelry. To identify a primary target group it is a good idea to start with yourself. Your demographics, tastes and design style will likely appeal to people very similar to you. Try answering these questions about yourself and the majority of your clients.

  • What are your family situations?
  • Where do you live?
  • What are your career situations?
  • What are your primary social activities?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What clothing stores do you frequently visit?
  • What are your definitions of a typical night on the town?

Now consider the following three example target groups defined by these parameters:

Young Urbanites

Women 22-30

  • Single, dating, perhaps have a roommate
  • Live in the city, most likely in apartments
  • Career-minded, educated and upwardly mobile
  • Socialize at work, bars, nightclubs, the gym, coffee shops ….Click below to keep reading the entire article Read the rest of this entry »

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Loretta Lam

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The first time I saw Loretta Lam’s work I was at the Buyers Market in Philadelphia last winter. In a show full of gorgeous jewelry, Loretta Lam still made quite an impression. In my opinion she is one of the very best polymer clay artists in the jewelry industry today.Lam Vanilla Bean

Lam sculpts polymer clay into incredible statement pieces.  She has an eye for sculptural design and a rare gift for color. She combines lovely palettes of complimentary hues to create high impact works of art. Her beads and pendants evoke themes from nature like the shapely curves of seed pods and fruit bursting with flavor. Her forms and colors are so rich that you expect fragrances to be emanating from her design interpretations of aromatic spices and luscious botanical delicacies.

Lam Come Dancin'

Loretta Lam’s work is a refreshing departure from many of the traditional themes and materials that are popular amongst her art jewelry contemporaries.  Every polymer piece is handmade and unique. These are certainly creations worthy of collecting. Look for her work on her website at www.LorettaLam.com and at fine galleries across the country.

Lam At the Spice Bazaar

VOSTENAKstudios Wins National Jewelry Award & Business Grant

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ThePhoenix-VOSTENAKVOSTENAKstudios is the 2009 winner of a national competition for new American jewelry designers. The Jewelry Design Business Development Grant is awarded to a new entrepreneur each year in recognition of design talent and business acumen.

COTTONWOOD, Ariz., Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ — VOSTENAKstudios of Cottonwood, AZ recently won a national jewelry design award and small business grant sponsored by industry supplier Halstead Bead Inc. Owner Valerie Ostenak will receive a prize package including a $6,000 grant of start up capital and supplies in recognition of her entrepreneurial skills and design talents. VOSTENAKstudios collections are available at fine stores and online at www.valerieostenak.com.

(Photo: http://www.newscom.com/cgi-bin/prnh/20090804/LA55999)

In response to winning the award Ostenak said, “I am absolutely thrilled and deliriously happy to be the 2009 winner. I am still laughing with joy!”

Ostenak’s artistic experience includes traditional jewelry training, blacksmithing, graphic design and painting. The influences of each of these media converge in her fashion jewelry creations. Designs are crafted from Argentium sterling silver and embellished with high karat gold accents, freshwater pearls and semi-precious gemstones.

The VOSTENAKstudios silver jewelry line is contemporary with fluid lines and attention to detail. Ostenak’s unique style is easily recognizable in every piece. She creates one of-a-kind statement necklaces, hairpieces and earrings with delicately intertwined metalwork in her Woven Collection. Her Ribbon Collection consists of more simple hammered styles with a highly reflective finish.

“These designs are stunning,” said Hilary Halstead Scott, a competition judge, “I know VOSTENAKstudios will become a big name in fashion and design.”

Ostenak’s new business prevailed over top competitors from across the United States. Entrants were required to submit a designer jewelry portfolio, a full business plan and written answers to several specific questions. The judging process scrutinized every aspect of candidates’ prospects for succeeding in the fashion and jewelry industries.

VOSTENAKstudios joins a distinguished group of designer jewelry artists who have received the Jewelry Design Business Development Grant in past years including Ananda Khalsa Jewelry, Belle Brooke Designs and Bridgland Studios. Details on the award and all of this year’s top finalists can be found at www.halsteadbead.com/grant.

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Valerie Ostenak