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Jewelry Business Development Grant Results

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Congratulations to all our finalists! This competition gets tougher every year.  We have an amazing group of fresh talent to present in 2009. We will be profiling each finalist on the blog over the next few months. So bookmark us now! Complete competition details and results are at the Halstead Bead Jewelry Business Development Grant website.

Overall Winner



VOSTENAKstudios of Cottonwood, AZ won the national jewelry design award and small business grant sponsored by industry supplier Halstead Bead Inc. Owner Valerie Ostenak will receive a prize package including a $6,000 grant of start up capital and supplies in recognition of her entrepreneurial skills and design talents.Valerie Ostenak’s artistic experience includes traditional jewelry training, blacksmithing, graphic design and painting. The influences of each of these media converge in her fashion jewelry creations for VOSTENAKstudios. Designs are crafted from Argentium sterling silver and embellished with high karat gold accents, freshwater pearls and semi-precious gemstones.

Silver Circle Finalists

Copper Circle Finalists

Halstead Bead Inc. is proud to sponsor the Jewelry Business Development Grant each year to support the dreams of emerging designers and promote sound business practices in the industry. Halstead Bead Inc is a supplier of wholesale findings, chain, sheet and wire to the jewelry trade.

**Press release link via PRnewswire.


Keren Jewelry

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Keren Jewelry 3

Sekhmet Cuff

What do aspiring jewelry designers daydream about? I can venture a few guesses…

  • A) See your jewelry rock the runways at New York Fashion Week for a major designer
  • B) Go bi-coastal and rock the runways at LA Fashion Week too
  • C) See your jewelry on a rock star performing on Good Morning America
  • D) All of the above

Keren Peled of Keren Jewelry must be pinching herself because these daydreams have become reality in the last few years. Plus, she has received great fashion press coverage and achieved international product distribution.  Wow!Keren Jewelry 2

Keren Jewelry’s trademark style is a blend of macrame knotting and intricate mesh wirework. She creates delicate and ethereal pieces of gold filled, sterling silver and gemstones. Her collections are inspired by anthropological periods in the history of jewelry.

My personal favorites are Keren’s cuff bracelets which brilliantly merge hammered frames with  crocheted wire mesh. They are the perfect accessories for the latest bold cuff trends. Watch the runways, I think there is a lot more Keren Jewelry to come.

Keren Jewelry was a finalist in the 2006 Jewelry Design Business Development  Grant Competition sponsored by Halstead Bead Inc.

Grant Judging Nearly Finished

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We committed to an intense schedule of grant judging this year in hopes of concluding the process a little bit earlier than usual. We are on track to do so and expect to announce results in about two weeks, give or take. This will be a fresh batch of incredible new talent for all you fans of emerging designers. We will be profiling each finalist on this blog in the month of August so check back often to start planning your holiday wish list:)

Joy O and Studio 3579

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Joy O Designs has taken the accessories world by storm. The work of Joy Opfer is everywhere! Celebrities, stylists and fashion magazines have clamored to feature the smooth, simple aesthetic of Joy O jewelry pieces. Opfer has one of the most impressive press lists I have seen for a young designer.

My favorite design is the Lucky Necklace, but it is hard to choose. The Joy O collection epitomizes sophistication and modernity. The long lines, smooth arcs and hammered accents evoke architectural influence and California chic. Each piece is also fairly large and yet very lightweight thus making the jewelry quite wearable for long work days.

Joy O collections are sold on the company’s website and at Opfer’s flagship store in San Francisco, Studio 3579, located in the Mission Dolores district. Joy O has become a fashion fixture in the Bay Area since launching her designer jewelry business in 2005.  The company was also a finalist in the 2006 Jewelry Design Business Development Grant  competition sponsored by Halstead Bead Inc. We sure can pick ’em, if I say so myself!:)

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry

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Ananda Khalsa Jewelry Spring Rings

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry Spring Rings

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry incorporates hand painted watercolors by Ananda Khalsa into sterling silver and high karat gold metalwork. These designs are rich with symbolism which helps buyers to intimately connect with the jewelry they choose.

Ananda Khalsa Gold Bluebird Necklace

Ananda Khalsa Gold Bluebird Necklace

I have a plum blossom necklace that is absolutely stunning. People notice it right away and are amazed at the detail and clarity in the artwork. Each painting is very small – most are about one square inch. But, they leap out at you because of the bright colors and beautiful composition.

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry won the first Jewelry Design Business Development Grant awarded by Halstead Bead Inc in 2006. Since winning the award, Ananda’s business has expanded dramatically. Her work is now sold in nearly 100 galleries and boutiques across the country. She is also regularly featured in magazines and promotions for fine American Craft events. Khalsa regularly shows with The Rosen Group, Paradise City, Boston Craft and ACC.

Khalsa is in the process of moving away from Providence, RI to resettle in Massachusetts this summer.  We wish her much luck with the move and setting up a new studio.

Her jewelry is always on my wishlist and is now on the wishlists of all my girlfriends too.  Note to husbands and boyfriends: These are definitely winning gifts!

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry Raven Cuff

Ananda Khalsa Jewelry Raven Cuff

Grant Judging – Day 10

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What an amazing pool of candidates! Each year the competition gets tougher. The quality of the jewelry and the business plans keeps getting better and better. That also means it keeps getting tougher to get into the finalist round…

It is funny the trends we see each year when judging. It seems that there is always something we notice about the group of candidates as a whole. The first year we had a lot of amazing wire workers. The next year in 2007 the field was full of MBAs and accountants leaving the corporate world to pursue jewelry design careers. In 2008 we had an inordinate number of glass artisans and lampworkers. This year the defining trends are an abundance of art school graduates and metal forging techniques. These trends have no … Read the rest of this entry »